Express Pest Control Australia – Bartercard Review

Business: Express Pest Control Australia

Owner: Te Awa Pearce

Here is our success story of how Bartercard helped save us close to $10k in cash!
The timing of taking on new staff can make or break a business. Wanting to reserve cash flow in the process was crucial for us. Knowing that the appointment of a sales manager would also mean we would need to replace our company car so the new sales manager could utilise it. At the time we were unsure how we would do this. As it happened we saw an Alpha Romeo advertised on full T$ on the Bartercard auction site. We made a phone call to the owner to inquire about it and then decided to purchase it all on the same day. Additionally the Bartercard member who sold us the vehicle was also able to arrange to have the vehicle transported from Canberra to us here on the Gold Coast, saving us in total around $10k cash.
The vehicle arrived, and it is as described and runs beautifully.
This has been such a blessing for us. Perfect timing and such a great little vehicle. We couldn’t be happier. It is so nice to have kept our cash in our bank and to have traded through Bartercard our vehicle and at a reasonable price.
Thanks so much Bartercard and the fantastic traders.
Couldn’t be happier!
Bartercard is worthwhile!

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