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Enjoy all the benefits of an online business directory with the added bonus of trading opportunities. Expose your business to thousands of other businesses locally, nationally and internationally. 

There are many benefits of having a listing on a business directory, which is why thousands upon thousands of Australian companies do just that. Bartercard presents a unique but equally beneficial opportunity for businesses in all different industries through our trading network.

By becoming a member, you’ll not only gain a business directory listing among thousands of other Australian businesses, you’ll also gain the invaluable opportunity to trade your goods and services with these other members. That means while you’re enjoying the exposure and networking possibilities presented at the same level of any leading Australian business directory, you can also potentially increase your revenue and sales prospects insurmountably.

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Over 700 different business categories looking to trade with you today, including:

Bookkeepers and payroll services
Conferences and function venues
Electrical contractors
Graphic Art and Design
Internet services providers and web hosting
Lawyers and solicitors
Marketing services and consultants
Mechanical repairs
Signs and sign writers
Security systems and services
Taxation consultants
Training and development
Website design services
Wineries and vineyards

704 members
340 members
188 members
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