Need to Sell Excess Stock?

You can move excess stock without having to discount prices

Nearly every organisation with stock to sell faces the same dilemma at some point in their businesses’ life cycle; how to move all of those excess products that seem impossible to get out the door.

A tempting route to take is to start investing money into advertising on daily deal websites, such as Groupon, Cudo, Living Social and the like, but this means you’re forced to sell stock at a lower cost and lessen your earnings. However, there is a way to sell your out of season, surplus or difficult to move stock without sacrificing on your profit margins, and it’s called Bartercard.


How can Bartercard help you move your stock?

Bartercard is a trading network that allows businesses from all across Australia and the world to exchange goods and services with one another using trade dollars as currency. So how does that work for you, as someone with too much stock and not enough selling opportunities? As a member of Bartercard, you’ll enjoy:

  • FREE, creative advertising to more than 20,000 Bartercard members: Not only can you reach a broader customer base through our network, but you are able to specifically target other business owners. This creates a much greater vantage point than producing generic advertisements for avenues such as Gumtree and eBay, where you can gain mass exposure but of lesser quality.
  • The opportunity to sell at full margin: The frustration of being forced to reduce prices for the sake of selling excess stock will be a thing of the past when you join Bartercard. Say goodbye to making massive markdowns on Cudo, Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal sites, and hello to brand new opportunities for selling your products at their full value in trade dollars.
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities: The selling opportunities you’ll enjoy with Bartercard go far beyond the basic ability to move that excess stock quickly. As one of our members, you have access to thousands upon thousands of other likeminded businesspeople, facilitating a great wealth of knowledge sharing and networking.


Get in contact with Bartercard today to discuss how we can assist you in moving excess stock and increasing your profit margins!