How Does Bartercard Work?

Discover how Bartercard operates and how it can work specifically for you

If you want to get the full use of your Bartercard membership, it’s important to have a complete understanding of the way in which it works. For you, as a business you may have excess stock that you want to move, accommodation rooms that you want to fill, or empty tables in your restaurant that you want to book. Our network provides an opportunity to do that.

In exchange for Bartercard trade dollars, you can release the excess goods or services just as you would in a regular transaction but with a more dynamic result. Let’s explain…

    1. No discounts – Businesses frequently need to provide discounts or incentives in order to quickly move stock or  book tables or rooms, but through our trading system you don’t have to. You can trade your goods or services at the normal selling price, meaning there’s no interruption to your cash flow in terms of value.
    2. Cash Savings – You can now purchase using the trade dollars that you earn through Bartercard without using cash. This allows you to significantly reduce your cash expenses and improve your cash flow.
    3. More customers – With more than 55,000 cardholders to trade and do business with, you have greater opportunities to sell to many more customers, as the network is already in place. Bartercard members all work together to support the other businesses in the network and the cash referrals also follow. You can reach more customers without having to pay for advertising, it is win-win.