Bartercard IPO

Discover more about BPS Technology’s Initial Public Offering

As the leading provider of trading and payment platform technology in Australia, BPS Technology now offers the opportunity to become a shareholder with an initial public offering of 28 million shares at $1 per share.

Represented by 75 offices located in eight countries across the world and with over 26 years of operational experience, BPS Technology’s Bartercard is the world’s largest barter trade exchange. Through the unison of organic growth across the US and UK markets, as well as the acquisition of individual trade changes, it is predicted that the IPO will catalyse a new growth period for Bartercard, with projections set to reach upwards of 160, 000 cardholders within the next five years.

Primarily supported by two other divisions, through the roll out of their innovative cloud-based software platform, the Tess Platform, and the launching of the proven Bucqi Platform, the Bartercard IPO is expected to deliver an exceptional financial forecast for FY15 – a net profit after tax of $6.5 million and a 7.25 cent dividend.

Scheduled to begin trading on the ASX on the 4th of September, BPS is looking to channel funds raised through the IPO for the successful rollout of the state-of-the-art Tess Platform, to other global trade exchanges, as well as potentially expanding the established Bucqi Platform.

Building atop proven methodologies and continuous innovation, Bartercard is set to reach new levels of success and welcome endless opportunities.


For more detailed information about the shareholder offerings, view the Prospectus here.