Bartercard Australia Success Stories

Read what our customers have to say about their successes with the Bartercard trade network

Does your business have spare capacity or excess stock you want to move? Let Bartercard reduce your company’s cashflow expenses and increase your profit with Bartercard’s trade network. Find out more about Bartercard Australia at our business website.

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Latitude Travel Services – Bartercard Review


Owner: Guy Beasley
Business: Latitude Travel Services

We have been with Bartercard for over 9 years now and we are now Platinum members. We have built our business solely with the help of the Bartercard network and expanded into areas that we would not have if it were not for Bartercard.

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Signature Consultants – Bartercard Review


Business: Signature Consultants

Bartercard has enabled me to grow my business profile, market and brand exposure. It makes trading simple and straight forward which is a real boost in business, especially in a challenging economy. Bartercard is a global-based exchange with a very large database of members which allows more option to trade.

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Express Pest Control Australia – Bartercard Review


Business: Express Pest Control Australia

Owner: Te Awa Pearce

Here is our success story of how Bartercard helped save us close to $10k in cash!
The timing of taking on new staff can make or break a business. Wanting to reserve cash flow in the process was crucial for us. Knowing that the appointment of a sales manager would also mean we would need to replace our company car so the new sales manager could utilise it. At the time we were unsure how we would do this. As it happened we saw an Alpha Romeo advertised on full T$

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Matt Hollywood, Professional Magician – Bartercard Review


Business: Matt Hollywood, Professional Magician

Owner: Matt Hollywood

I credit Bartercard for helping me launch my career into the big time. It has been an essential marketing device and it really does work like magic – where previously there was an empty space in my diary, suddenly, thanks to Bartercard, it is filled with a new job. It’s brilliant.

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5 minutes with Gillian Skeer – Master Coach NLP at Creative Coaching Solutions and Bartercard Member


Creating a positive life

Being positive can be a challenge under trying circumstances, and there is no doubt there are times when non-positive emotions are appropriate for the situation. But day-to-day, how can we keep a positive state, and why is it so important to do so? We spent 5 minutes chatting to Gillian Skeer, Master Coach NLP at Creative Coaching Solutions.

How does our mind frame affect our day-to-day experiences?
Your thinking determines your outcomes, so it’s important to take stock of what your inner voice is

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Georges Platform – Bartercard Review


Business: Georges Platform

Owner: Dany Georges

Since we joined Bartercard our business has nearly doubled. We now have Bartercard trade dollars and also gained new cash customers. Thanks to Bartercard we have holidayed in Fiji twice and few times to Angourie Rain Forest resort with our children. We have also dined out in numerous restaurants, and bought many items on Bartercard that we would not be able to afford at that time if Bartercard didn’t exist in our lives.
Thank you Bartercard and the Team for a great and su

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